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    Says corporations must live by the ruling’s double edged sword
    August 6th, 2010, 5:29PM


    North Woods Advertising’s President and Chief Creative Officer Bill Hillsman has a commentary up on Minnesota Public Radio’s website concerning Target’s donation to MN Forward and the public backlash. Check out a portion of it here:


    Well, you could see this one coming.


    On Thursday, Target Corp., a company that prides itself on its ability to be closely attuned to its customers’ whims and desires, apologized profusely for a six-figure donation of its customers’ money to MN Forward, a business group that so far seems to exist to back conservative Republican candidates. Target was facing a boycott and a severe backlash from groups of its customers, particularly gay rights advocates. …


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  • 2010 Pollie Awards

    Wheelan for Congress campaign takes three awards
    March 29, 2010, 4:00PM


    2009 was a successful year for North Woods Advertising. The American Association of Political Consultants recognized this fact by awarding us nine seperate Pollie awards. The Pollies, an annual award show regarded as the “Oscars of Political Advertising,” recognizes thos engaged in the business of politics. Each year a panel of theirpeer judges representing the industry’s best campaigning experts decide the most creative, innovative and unique work in political consulting and public affairs.


    Our “Underwater” ad for Charlie Wheelan for U.S. Congress took home the top prize (gold) in the Overall Campaigns – Television category. The “Bright Knight Webtoon” took gold as well in Candidate Campaigns – Internet Web Video/Animation.


    For a full list of the 2010 Pollie award winners, click here.


    To read more about the AAPC, click here.

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  • Thinker IMG

    NWA teams up with James Gandolfini, Carl Ginsburg in effort to aid Haiti
    February 10, 2010, 2:00PM


    National Nurses United and the Registered Nurse Response Network have been working tirelesly to send the aid and support of qualified nurses down to the disaster relief effort in Haiti. Nearly 7,500 registered nurses have now signed up to volunteer for Haiti disaster relief, believed to be the largest outpouring of RN volunteers in U.S. history.


    Please Visit SendANurse.org to donate


    NNU, the largest union and professional organization of U.S. nurses, which has also sent hundreds of volunteers on past disaster relief efforts following Hurricane Katrina, the South Asia tsunami, and Southern California wildfires, is presently organizing the first team of nurses for deployment.


    North Woods Advertising joined NNU in creating the SendANurse.org public service announcement that drives donations towards NNU’s relief work. …

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  • Stop The Petters Scam - Where's The Money - Fox9 Screenshot

    “Where’s the Money” ads ran in Strib and PiPress
    Fox9 News Investigates December 10th, 2009 | Link to article


    MINNEAPOLIS – Now that Tom Petters is convicted of running a $3.5 billion investment scheme, many are wondering what happen to all the money and if investors will get it back.


    Open up the Pioneer Press and you’ll see the quarter page ad, ‘Where’s the Money? Part eleven.


    The “where’s the money” ads were created by Bill Hillsman, who says no one is following the money trail.


    “A lot of money ends up in the coffers of government and the professionals but very little money getsback to the people who were really victimized in these situations,” Hillsman said. …

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