Political Candidates & Campaigns

What do groundbreaking political upset victories like Jesse Ventura's, Paul Wellstone's. John Hickenlooper's, Ned Lamont's and Alan Grayson's have in common?

North Woods Advertising, the nation's preeminent most creatively strategic media consultants.

North Woods has been opening up America's political system and adding "more voices and more choices" to our elections since 1990. North Woods excels at developing cost-effective communications and communications strategies for challengers to the established political system, especially underdog, third-party and independent candidates. In fact, North Woods has been called "one of the nation's foremost authorities on swing voters and independent voters" by The National Journal.

The company has constantly advanced the state-of-the-art in political communications, including broadcast TV and radio, cable TV, print media, direct mail, out-of-home advertising and earned media (PR). North Woods has also been a leader in pioneering effective uses of the internet and social media in politics, from building websites to creating engaging online media strategies and content.

Cause, Non-Profit & Issue Advoacy

North Woods Advertising specializes in taking complex, challenging, and sometimes controversial issues and boiling them down so they're dead-on relevant to your target audience. Our memorable creative work allows our clients to spend far less than their opponents on media airtime and more time connecting with those who hold the key to change.

North Woods has a winning track record of making the emotional connections that lead to meaningful changes in public opinion, whatever the issue.

Commercial Products & Services

We don't just develop award-winning political campaigns; we have a 30-year track record of successfully marketing to consumers. Whatever the product or service, chances are someone on our staff has experience in and an understanding of the category. North Woods can provide everything from strategic marketing consulting to creation, development and execution of full-scale integrated marketing communications campaigns. We've yet to meet the marketing problem we can't solve.