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April 10, 2013—Last weekend at their annual Pollie Awards in Washington, DC, the American Association of Political Consultants (AAPC) recognized North Woods Advertising with fourteen Pollie awards in online media, television, radio, graphic design and overall excellence of campaigns. The Pollies, the organization’s annual award show regarded as the “Oscars of Political Advertising,” recognizes the work of political and campaign professionals in a number of areas of political communication.


North Woods’ work for the Green Party presidential campaign of Dr. Jill Stein took home seven television awards, its online and new media work for Independent Voters of America won three awards, and its work on behalf of post traumatic stress disorder diagnosed veterans in New Mexico won awards in radio and television.


The highest honors for North Woods included a Gold and a Silver award in the radio category for a humorous ad featuring Minnesota Vikings punter Chris Kluwe, encouraging Minnesotans to “Just Vote No” on the gay marriage amendment on that state’s ballot in 2012. The commercial, sponsored by Minnesotans for Equality and produced and aired on a very small budget, ran late in the campaign and convinced a number of younger male voters to vote no on the proposed constitutional amendment, helping to provide the slim winning margin that made Minnesota the first state in the union to defeat such an amendment. The Kluwe commercial was judged to be the best radio ad for any statewide ballot initiative and referendum campaign in America in 2012.