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Grayson on Election Night
FL-CD8 Representative Alan Grayson

Minneapolis, MN (November 5, 2008) — Democrat Alan Grayson won his bid to unseat four-term Republican Ric Keller Tuesday night 52% to 48% in Central Florida’s 8th congressional district surrounding greater Orlando. Much of the credit goes to North Woods Advertising’s game-changing ads, which helped Grayson clinch the Democratic nomination on August 26 against a favored opponent and then fueled his general election win.

Grayson, 50, has spent his legal career fighting corrupt Iraq war profiteers such as Halliburton. Over the course of his campaign, North Woods crafted a broadcast ad campaign that aligned Grayson on the side of U.S. troops AND on the side of the American taxpayer, and against President Bush’s wasteful and fraudulent handling of the U.S. economy and the war in Iraq. Grayson’s unique positioning and message won in a district that hasn’t been represented by a Democrat in nearly three decades.

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