Last Updated: June 14, 2010 by msuomela

Heidepriem for Governor Logo

Scott Heidepriem hires North Woods as Media Consultant

The political season is ramping up and 2010 looks to be a productive year for North Woods Advertising.

Scott Heidepriem is running for Governor of South Dakota as an independent Democrat this year, and has decided to work with us in getting out his unique message in his run for Governor. Apart from North Woods handling his tv and radio work, we are also working on his online presence, most notably with the creation and design of the campaign website.

Check out the website that our smart team of people have come up with.

The site has a whole host of features including a webstore where users can purchase campaign gear, a blog Scott uses to record his thoughts during the campaign, and even a video page for visitors to come and watch his latest TV spots.

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