California Nurses Association/NNOC (2008)

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One Heartbeat :30

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"Speechless/Obama" :30

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"Speechless/Clinton" :30

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"Speechless/Edwards" :30

In an election year that featured very few notable independent expenditure ads, the National Nurses Organizing Committee was unable to simply sit back and watch when John McCain named his running mate.  This parody of music videos ran in swing states and received hundreds of thousands of views on the web.

For more information:

USA Today: "Independent groups fire barrages through ads"

National Journal: Ad Spotight

League of Conservation Voters (Iowa/2007)

Being Green IMG

Being Green :30

Long before the economy tanked and early in the presidential debate season, there was a lot of discussion about which issues would dominate the 2008 election.  The League of Conservation Voters ensured that the environment remained a top concern with advertising and viral messages like this one.

For more information: The Atlantic "It ain't easy being green"

Californians for Fair Elections (CA Prop 89/2006)

Take A Pounding IMG

Take a Pounding :30

Despite being grossly outspent by the opposition, this group was able to cut through the advertising clutter on both the airwaves and the internet; and make its voice heard with an ad that became one of the most-noticed and talked-about in California in 2006.

For more information:

San Jose Mercury News: "Ad viewed 16,000 times in less than 48 hours"

LA Times: " of the slickest and most engaging political ads in California right now"

Campaign for America's Wilderness (2001)

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Campground IMG

Campground :30

North Woods launched the Pew Wilderness Center's Campaign for America's Wilderness with an acclaimed video written by Hollywood screenwriter/director Scott Z. Burns, directed by superstar TV and motion picture producer/director Peter Berg, and featuring a voiceover by actor David Duchovny.  This compelling message was a labor of love for everyone who worked on it, an important cause which reached audiences in all kinds of innovative ways. Crosby Stills & Nash even took the video on concert tour with them and played it before taking the stage.