Ned Lamont for U.S. Senate (Connecticut/2006)

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Ned Lamont took on entrenched three-term Senator Joe Lieberman in the Democratic primary in 2006 to challenge Lieberman's stance on the Iraq war. Ned's campaign was highly viral, receiving most of his early support from young people and progressives in the blogosphere.

In a poll of political consultants, our ads for Lamont were deemed to be nearly twice as effective as Lieberman's ads, and most of Ned's messages had a robust second life on the web, where they were viewed hundreds of thousands of times.

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Paul Wellstone for Senate (Minnesota/1990)

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North Woods Advertising is responsible for one of the biggest upsets in American politics, thanks to one special teacher from Northfield, Minnesota.

Our communication and creative strategies and execution were a decisive factor in beating the overwhelming odds facing the late Senator's campaigns in 1990 and 1996.

The precise targeting and research heightened the effectiveness of the campaign and demonstrates North Woods’ clear awareness of the distinctive audiences in Minnesota and the messages that motivate these groups.

North Woods was also the first agency in Minnesota ever to have won a Grand EFFIE award. Our ad for the Paul Wellstone Campaign "Looking for Rudy," a groundbreaking 2-minute political commercial, was voted "Best Political Ad in History" by the readers of Campaign magazine, surpassing even the most famous national political ads such as Lyndon Johnson’s “Daisy” ad (1964) and Ronald Reagan’s "Morning in America" (1984).

Jim Slattery for U.S. Senate (Kansas/2008)

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Badly underfunded, and running in a state that hadn't elected a Democratic Senator since the 1930s, Jim Slattery nevertheless managed to get a lot of attention with humorous ads that got a low-profile candidate a lot of attention and that became some of the most viral non-presidential election ads of the 2008 cycle.

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